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Weekly Photo Challenge- One

22 Apr

Birthday Pizza

I realize this photo is a bit on the nose. A “one” right in the picture, but it seemed fitting if you know the backstory. I was visiting a friend who was having a bit of a rough time, stressed and constantly busy. Both of us are twenty-something’s trying to get our sea-legs in the real world. So, finding time to relax is few and far between. My visit coincided with her birthday,and unfortunately her celebration was getting pushed into the background of all her surrounding stressors. We decided pizza for dinner was the best bet because she had gotten a cool pizza oven-thing for a present.  While she was getting the pizza, I snuck off to find some candles or at least something to celebrate.  I couldn’t find regular candles anywhere. I asked two clerks and wandered up and down the isles. There had to be something! Then I found the “1”.  In a way it was pointless, but at the same time it meant everything. Everyone should feel special on their birthday.

No expiration? No worries. Yeah, right…

19 Apr

Living in the Bahamas taught me a lot of things. Today while I was running some errands I was reminded of some of the life lessons.

1) Sunscreen is serious business. I try to make a conscious effort to protect my skin. A day at the beach now requires a full bottle of 50+ spf spray of sunscreen, droopy hat, sunglasses and in some cases I’ll even bring my own shade.

2) Air Conditioning is a blessing. Take advantage of it as much as possible. Make it as cold as you can stand it. Ok, well not really. It’s not exactly environmentally sound, or financially responsible. However, I still remember how it felt to go to a school with no air conditioning,  in consistent 90 degree heat. Isn’t it hard enough to pay attention in middle school without the threat of heat stroke?

3) Always check expiration dates. My mom has always been good about making sure food is good, checking the dates and her stand-by “when in doubt, throw it out.” According to old family stories, my Dad’s mom had a cast-iron stomach. She was a tough lady who had a farm and took care of five kids. She was not one for “checking dates”, and my Dad inherited this trait. Every time my Grandmother would come over to babysit, there was a mad dash to the refrigerator. My mom would clear out the older and questionable food before she would arrive, just in case we got hungry. So, you can imagine that this habit was in full swing when we lived in the Bahamas. We were scarred our first time buying grains, only to find bugs in it. Sometimes, our fellow grocery shoppers would bring expired food to the register and rather than discard it, would ask for a discount. But the seafood was plentiful and delicious, so it seemed like a fair trade. How many kids’ parents make them lobster pizza enough times, that they say “no, thank you?” Not very many I would guess. Even though we have moved from the island, I cannot bring myself to buy something without checking the expiration date and I don’t think that’ll ever change.

Everything we do gives us lessons. The trick is to try to remember them when we need them. Even if it’s just to remember the sunscreen, appreciate a bit of chilly man made air, or to double check the fine print on that milk in your fridge.

What’s in a name?

17 Apr

I’ve always been lucky. I love my name. How can you not when it’s Devine?My office got into a conversation the other day about what a name really means. A name is incredibly personal. It is the first thing you say to someone new, a way to find someone you’re looking for, and the last thing written about you. So, we discussed your options if you don’t like your name. Since it is so personal, do you really want to change it? Your parents gave you that name for a reason, but at the same time, it is your name and you should have a choice. For example, I have an Uncle Dick. It’s a perfectly fine name, but we just cannot figure out why he wants to be called that. I also once knew an atheistic guy named Christian. Even he thought it was a bit of a cosmic joke. But so far, the best example was when we went to a conference and roomed with a woman with the last name Love. It was the DevineLove room!

So, is it better to have a common name or a unique one? Like beauty, it’s in the eye of the beholder.

A list of the most popular 2010 names from,

Rank Male Female Male Female
1 Ethan Isabella
2 Jacob Sophia
3 Noah Olivia
4 Logan Emma
5 Liam Ava

According to, there are also many unique names to choose from.

Boy’s Names Girl’s Names
Alban Bijou
Barker Briony
Chay Cacey
Digby Dalena
Edan Easter
Fergal Ever
Galahad Flick
Ham Gaia
Innocent Happy
Jago Iola
Kyran Jaine
Laban Katniss
Mabon Kohinoor
Napier Lettice
Navajo Majella
Ormond Nekane
Parsifal Odelia
Ranger Opal
Redmond Posy
Redvers Ralphina
Serius Romilly
Somerled Saffron
Thatcher Star
Trayton Tarina
Urban Unity
Vanslow Valentia
Warwick Wilda
Ximun Xanthe
Yorick Yaffa
Zeno Zinnia


5 Apr

Hi there!

I hope this message find you well. My name’s Grace. I’m not normally one for bandwagons, but this idea just seemed to much fun to pass up. I haven’t quite figured out what I want to say, or use this outlet for, and in a way that’s kinda what I like most about it. I work at a magazine, and I’m  told what to write, how many words, who I should talk to, etc. But this is surprisingly freeing. It reminds me of those middle school free writes I would have to do in English class. I really loved those. You can come up with the most interesting things if you let your mind free associate. So give yourself a chance to breath, and think without judgement. It’s a free association for a reason, so be free.