Run for your life!

20 May

A beautiful but sweltering day in Fl

Today was unbearably hot, just a short walk from the grocery store to my car was enough to start sweating. It’s really hard to enjoy a beautiful and bright afternoon when you can’t breathe properly with a hundred percent humidity. It’s borderline ridiculous. It reminded me of my time in the Bahamas and a dreaded school event called The Run. My school was known for athletics, and lord knows I’m not especially made for speed, but I do my best. The school is also divided into houses (kinda like Harry Potter). There was Taino (my house), Lucayan, Carib and Arawak. Every year in the spring the whole school gets together for one giant track meet. The students run around the large track, around the block of the school and then around the track again. This is not optional. Not participating was considered to be a slap in the face to your house, and I was a kid- I didn’t want to disappoint anyone. A friend of mine and fellow competitor( she was a Lucayan) ran until she threw up blood, and kept on running!

On days like today, where it is just way too hot, I am reminded of that feeling. Exhausted and dripping with sweat. Feeling like your lungs are going to explode and the Sun clearly has a score to settle and wants to you suffer. In fairness, I really liked the school. It was great on every other day. A lot of kids loved the run, it was a chance to show their skills an many of them were really good at it. I however blame this for my distaste of organized sports. I’ll take a swim or yoga any day.


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