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Claiming My Happy #41-50

21 Aug

41) The beach after 5 p.m.

42) Jumping Hugs

43)  Footprints

44)  Classic Telephones

45) Who doesn’t love Disney?

46) Forts!

47) A storm rolling in

48) Skywriting

49) Glitter

50) Traveling anywhere and everywhere

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My First DIY project

21 Aug

With all me new found free time, I’ve been a busy little blogger. One thing that has caught my eye as of late has been crafty projects. I saw a really great one on Cupcakes and Cashmere. It’s a great little project for a floating vase, and it seemed simple enough that even a newbie like myself could handle it. I made a few variations that I’ve noted and will point out along the way. But here we go :)

If you want to try it, you’re gonna need a piece of wood, wire (i recommend steel gage. I tried it first with regular kind and it didn’t hold) a clean jar (this was for peanut butter) and a flower.

I found a scrap piece of wood in the garage and coated it in some primer. After it dried, I added a hanger to the back. The other tutorial showed it hanging from some wire. I wanted to give it the feel that it was actually floating.  I drilled 2 holes an appropriate distance apart, in order to hang the jar. Wrapped the wire several times underneath the lip of the jar.



I wasn’t too thrilled with the paint, so I added some Martha Stewart crackle paint on top. Even though I couldn’t quite make it crackle the way I wanted to, it definitely added a nice rustic touch.


Once it’s all dried and ready to roll, you can place the wire through the holes and twist tightly.



Seeing as I was a little concerned this may not hold, I hung it over a carpeted area for 2 days and it’s still holding strong. I wouldn’t recommend anything too heavy inside, but a small flower was a sweet addition.


Happy Creating!


Claiming My Happy #31-40

20 Aug

31) Chocolate :)

32) Gratitude

33) How morning air is richer than the rest of the day

34) A full moon {Howl}

35) Happy Tunes

36) Organization

37) Snail Mail

38) Berries

39) Birthdays

40) A nice walk

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Claiming My Happy #21-30

18 Aug

21) Anything Apple

22) The Irish Homeland

23) Perseverance

24) Sweet kisses

25) A great camera shot

26)  Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!

27) Being Barefoot

28) Sarcasm

29) A fun party

30) Lovely London

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Claiming My Happy #11-20

17 Aug

11) A great sunrise

12) Family love

13) Reading a great book that you just can’t put down

14) Sunflowers

15) Tea can solve everything :)

16) Kitty Kisses

17) Adventure!

18)  A surprise compliment

19) Changing seasons

20)  Having really crazy friends that know you better than you know yourself

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