The “white white girl”

23 Sep

I got the nickname “white white girl” in my first week in the Bahamas. I had just started second grade in a new tropical paradise completely unlike my previous home, Philadelphia. The first friend I made was also new to the school and her dad was also my doctor. On my first appointment with him he said, “oh yeah! My daughter mentioned you;  you must be the ‘white, white girl.” And the name stuck.

I have a strong Irish heritage. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized has given me several things; a proud history, appreciation for a good beer, and remarkably pale skin. Honestly, being pale hasn’t bothered me. I’ve even been known to endorse it, like this:

But this week was particularly hard. My acne has been acting up lately, and I’m super tired of it. I have  another wedding weekend, I was hoping I could do a better job of covering it up. It took about 3 hours, 2 department stores and 5 different brands later but I finally found a good match and just had to share. It’s good ‘ole Estee Lauder in Bone. For those fellow acne sufferers, i highly reccomend checkin’ it out.  ‘Cause I am one happy, foundation covered camper!


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