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28 Oct

My wanderlust is acting up again, and of course I brought it on myself. I googled travel. It’s kinda like baking a dozen cookies and then pretending you’re not going to eat any. An hour later, you’ve eaten six.  Well, these are my cookies.








N. Ireland






Hopefully, I’ll have some real travel stories to tell soon. But until then, dream with me :)




All photos courtesy of All Things Europe


Outta The Bag…

23 Oct

I’ve seen these posts all over the place and think they’re pretty neat. I once heard a woman say that she could rule the world with the contents of her purse. And while funny…it’s kinda true. So, thought I’d share my portable universe.

I carry a huge purse on most days- the better to carry all my crap. But this awesome bag was a present from my Mom, who also carries a huge purse :)

Bag: Kate Spade

Small bag: Vera Bradley







Strangely enough, this post came about when a WordPress post asked me if I like surprises. I like surprises, but sometimes I just like to be prepared, you know?

What can I say? I’m complicated.

And having everything I need in one place (my purse) helps me feel better about it. My bag within a bag within a bag usually covers all the bases.

I’ve got some bandaids, stain remover, mirror, chapstick, Aleve, zip drive, toothpicks, splenda, hair clips, safety pins and antibacterial wipes.

Now, I’m ready for anything! :)

Anybody else take their world with them when leave the house in the morning?

Why I’ve Always Hated Jane Austen (Until Now)

17 Oct

Having spent countless hours reading, cramming dates, numbered volumes and collections into my exhausted brain, and living on carbs and caffeine, I took a break from reading. I’m saddened to say  as a literature student it took a lot longer than it should have for me to get back into the groove. Everyone has their favorite books and for the most part, mine are the classics. I love To Kill a Mockingbird, The Divine Comedy, The Canterbury Tales, and pretty much anything by Kurt Vonnegut. But something has always stuck in my craw with Jane Austen.

For this, I apologize. Because I am about to commit the cardinal sin of lit study. Never hate on an author with a  massive fan base-they are VERY protective. But I was very adamant and vocal for many years. I just couldn’t get passed the word choice, whiney-ness, and every feminist bone in my body stirred when I tried to read one of her books (however, the attempt is still on my 30 by 30).

Nonetheless, this week I came across a book that helped me get beyond my distain.

I still don’t know what made me buy it.

Perhaps a message almost two centuries later…?

But I can honestly say I really enjoyed it.  It made me realize that my hatred was due to ignorance (but isn’t almost always?) This book goes into great detail. Who in the world would know what  a “impecunious gentlewoman”, or “primogeniture” and a “valetudinarians” was?

You can also learn some standard  tasks like proper correspondence, how to dress, and raise a family. To much more intricate and elaborate needs like how to decline a marriage proposal, attend a ball, and carry on a secret engagement. When I read through the types of situations and in some cases crazy scenarios a woman like Jane would have to endure, I have new respect for her.  This is not to say I will pick up every Austen book I have an read them day and night. There is still a good chance I won’t make it through another page but I now politely just say, “no thanks, Austen’s not for me. ”


Autumn Envy

9 Oct


I’m woman enough to admit it.

I have Fall envy.

Most people would love a chance to live in Florida. And while it does have some nice qualities, the lack of seasons is a serious bummer. I’m starting to see the FB updates with photos of changing leaves,autumn smells, warm drinks, pumpkins and I can’t help but be a wee bit jealous. My wanderlust has been starting up again, so being stationary isn’t helping.

I’ve been in Fl for 11 years (which is the longest I’ve lived anywhere). And I haven’t lived in a cold climate since I was 7,so I’m probably romanticizing my memory. But who wouldn’t love this?

Hopefully I can take a mini vacation to see the season change. And maybe if I’m lucky I’ll be able to sip hot cider in some crisp chilly air.

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Time for pie!

5 Oct

I’m on a bit of a baking kick- which is kinda dangerous, but all oh delicious. So screw it, I made mini pies!


Found at Sur La Table

Filled with some apple filling, a quick egg wash and you’re ready. 30 mins at 350:

Absolutely delicious and they went so fast! I’ll have to make this again soon. But for right now, I have my sights set on a peach pie :)