DIY Colored Mason Jars

3 Oct

I love mason jars. They’re fun, unique and a touch of rustic.  It really was easy and pretty fun too.  I started with some Matte Modgepodge, sponge and food coloring. I had every intention of following some instructions (to take the brush and paint the inside), but that is not my strong suit. So, the list of products is about as far as I got while following the rules. I’m more of the “wing it” type.  I got some clean, clear jars and set up the color.

I decided I wanted the mixture a little more runny. For this I used about a teaspoon of glue and equal part water.

Give it a good swirl and make sure it’s all coated.

I found drip dry was a good time saver!

I let them dry a good long while. About 2 days, actually.  When all was said and done, I did notice some streaks. But I was planning on going a bit further anyway.

Just some hot glue and paper butterflies and it took on new life. As most my crafter friends say, “do what you can to fix it but if you can’t- just call it unique!”

So here it is, my new “unique” craft!

{Inspiration found from  Pinterest}


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