Outta The Bag…

23 Oct

I’ve seen these posts all over the place and think they’re pretty neat. I once heard a woman say that she could rule the world with the contents of her purse. And while funny…it’s kinda true. So, thought I’d share my portable universe.

I carry a huge purse on most days- the better to carry all my crap. But this awesome bag was a present from my Mom, who also carries a huge purse :)

Bag: Kate Spade

Small bag: Vera Bradley







Strangely enough, this post came about when a WordPress post asked me if I like surprises. I like surprises, but sometimes I just like to be prepared, you know?

What can I say? I’m complicated.

And having everything I need in one place (my purse) helps me feel better about it. My bag within a bag within a bag usually covers all the bases.

I’ve got some bandaids, stain remover, mirror, chapstick, Aleve, zip drive, toothpicks, splenda, hair clips, safety pins and antibacterial wipes.

Now, I’m ready for anything! :)

Anybody else take their world with them when leave the house in the morning?


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