Circus Time

18 Nov

This past week I got a chance to relive my childhood a bit, and honestly it’s not in a way I would have imagined. I went to a circus. I’m sure I used to like the circus when I was younger, but never really loved it so much that I remembered it. My brother hated it. Screamed bloody murder the whole time according to my Mom. But as for me, it was what it was.

I was driving a friend home when I saw the big tent and the lights and a HUGE elephant out front in a big grassy field. Needless to say, not something you see every day. But I went straight home and googled what was goin’ on. The circus was in town for two days. I was going back and forth deciding whether I should go. As an animal person, my heart was torn. But as a inquisitive personality, I was super curious. And damned if the personality didn’t win…It always does.

But we did stop to talk to Mike out front. A very sweet older man that had worked for them for a very long time. He spent fifteen minutes telling us all about the process and stories. When asked point blank about the treatment, he said “these animals have better healthcare than I do.”

I’m still conflicted, I’ll probably always be.

But the show was amazing.


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