Practice Practice

4 Jan

I’m not one for intense New Year’s resolutions, but there are definitely things I would like to accomplish this year. I’d like to achieve my pledge and work my way through some of my 30 before 30, especially learning to use my camera’s features better. I love photography- it can be everything that you need it to be-simple or complicated, DSLR or point and shoot, beautiful or intentionally grotesque. The options really are endless, and that’s kinda where my problem starts. I’d love to intuitively know what settings to use and when.

I was all set up to try and find a proper class and intensely study til I was up to my eyes in photo lingo. But then I stumbled on this: It’s phenomenal. The short little clips make it so easy to understand and follow along. It helps that he uses a Cannon for the explanation because that’s what I use, but I’m sure it’s helpful for all.

Old study habits die hard, I guess...

Here are some of the pics I took after his advice and practice:

My attempt at shooting water

Manual depth of field shot on a pepper shaker

And I couldn’t quite get the moving shot just right, but that did get me looking through some old pics and these were just too cute to pass up. They’re sure to make you smile!

My Puppies

"Why must I wear this harness? I'll be good, I promise!"

All play and no work make for a really tired Pup.

Happy Wednesday!


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