No Sleep, Big Problem

29 Jan

Any other insomniacs out there? Ah, then you know my pain. Wanting to sleep and not being able to is a terrible thing. Lately I’ve been having a hell of a time with it. But on the bright side, last night I was a doctor in a hospital ER running around, ya know…saving lives. But I was barefoot. For some reason, I couldn’t find any shoes.

So weird.

But the kicker is that I used to love sleep. I might be the only child that actually took myself to bed. I was tired, I went to sleep. It was as easy as that. According to my mom, I looked quite a bit like this:


 I think if I knew these days were going to be so few and far between now- I would have enjoyed them more. But then I developed will power in high school and was determined to stay up. And here I am, 8 years later. Still not sleeping.

But I did learn something interesting from my neurologist when I went in for my migraine check. I told him my sleep pattern was off, and that was probably contributing to my headaches. Of course he agreed but he also told me that it’s my age. You know how teenagers are thought to be lazy and sleep til noon? Yeah, well, it’s not their fault. The doc told me that our bodies/brain thrown off our circadian rhythem in our teens and doesn’t correct itself until we’re in our mid-late twenties. That’s a major reason why we tend to be night owls and have odd sleep patterns.

But for now, I think I’m just going to have a hot cup of tea and rest my eyes.

Have any favorite sleep tips?


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