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New Faves

26 Feb

Hello all,

I just wanted to stop by and share a couple of things that have been making me happy lately.

1) Conair Infinity Spin Brush. I’ll be first to admit that I’m never super concerned with my hair- first sign of trouble it goes up in a pony tail. But I was surprised at how much I like this tool. It does the work of both a round brush and hairdryer. And for those of us who never quite mastered the hairstylist technique, this thing is a godsend. I have shoulder length straight hair and was slightly concerned the spin barrel would get tangled in my hair and it would be a huge mess. But thankfully, all is well. They seem to have covered all the bases, even for those of us who are hair inept.

2) Etsy. This place is a trap, a beautiful, wonderful trap. Etsy is a site where crafty folks can sell their wares. They pretty much have everything you can want and then some. I’ve been using it for about a year and it has yet to let me down. In fact, my credit card gets a work out when I visit this site :)

3) Speaking of money… I love free things, I think we all do. So this week I stumbled onto movie rewards programs. Each time you buy a ticket, you get points and as the points accumulate you can claim things like free popcorn or even a free ticket. I’ve seen them for AMC, Paragon and Regal cinemas. Check out your local theater because you could get a reward for something you were going to do anyway. Sweet deal!

Happy Sunday!

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Favorite Tunes

16 Feb

Music has really been everywhere this week. The death of Whitney Houston, the Grammy’s, I made several mixes for my Mom, and I love Adele, but if the music stations play Rolling in the Deep one more time…I’m gonna scream. But it did get me thinking about my relationship with music. It’s weird. Because I grew up in the Bahamas, I was separated from a lot of Pop Culture things. It had to be absolutely HUGE in order to reach the island. So the only bands I had knowledge of were The Beatles and Spice Girls. That’s it. Needless to say coming to Fl when I was twelve was daunting and I looked like an idiot more than once a lot. But I like to think that I have developed a taste ( in large part because of Nicole), if not, I know what I like when I hear it. Today my iTunes library proudly boasts a grand total of 2, 744 songs and I thought I would share some of my favorite artists.

Florence + The Machine: Love her! Her new CD is amazing, I could listen to it all the time (and do!)

Maroon 5: Moves like Jagger is seriously catchy…

The Band Perry: Country-lite. Great sound without all the twang.

Adele: She won 6 Grammy’s for a reason. Pure genius.

Ingrid Michaelson: She’s quirky and fun. It comes through in her music.

It’s pretty neat to see how tastes develop and mature, and there is something oddly personal about music choice. I’ve always been a bit timid about my music choice. Mostly because I didn’t feel like I knew what I was talking about, and I guess also who wants to be told their taste is bad? (Trust me, it happens). But I guess it’s just like anything else, we all get settled as we get older and learn what we like and want. Everybody has their own taste and there is so much to choose from. Who is your favorite artist? Do you have a genre or are you a little bit of everything?

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Whatcha’ Reading? Pt. II

11 Feb

Sorry for the disappearing act, as of late a lot of things have been happening. All for the better, thankfully! I was admitted into Indiana University for Grad school, applied for a library job (*fingers crossed*), and finally feel like I’m on the right track. It took a while, but things are finally building momentum.

But, with all this good news, I really have neglected reading. It’s bound to happen, right? Something always has to give. I was in the middle of Claire Keegan’s Walk the Blue Fields, but it just couldn’t keep me. I was initially interested after I saw a quick mention from NPR, and quite frankly I had to look everywhere for it that I eventually ordered it from online. I’m about half way through right now. It’s a collection of relatively modern Irish series that are more or less sad. Maybe that’s why I’m having trouble getting into it, or maybe the dialogue… (it’s very heavy irish dialect). I really wanted to love it, and I think I will finish it. That’s the beauty of short stories, you really can abandon it and come back as you please. But I’m just not as enamored as I thought I would be.

Speaking of surprises, I did finally give into a series I was avoiding. The Hunger Games.

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I couldn’t imagine how a series about children fighting for mass entertainment could be interesting. ( And even now as I type it, it still sounds nuts). But I read it on sooo many Lit recommendations, and boy was I wrong. The author, Suzanne Collins  was able to make this a phenomena, and for good reason. You pull for the good characters, hate the evil ones and challenge what you think you know. (I love a good surprise!) I completed this trilogy in three days. I wanted to drag it out a bit, but honestly couldn’t wait to see what happened next. I won’t share any spoilers here, because I really want you to read and enjoy this series for yourself.

 It’s time to fall for a new read. Any thoughts?

Migraine Tips

5 Feb

Hi all.

I’ve touched on this subject before, but in way it bears repeating because it can very well be the bane of an existence: Migraines. According to the Migraine Research Foundation, over 10% of the population have migraines. More specifically, almost 1 in 4 households include someone with migraines. That’s pretty crazy. And of course, they’re hereditary. I have a strong maternal history that goes waayyy back. I’ve had migraines since I was four, but (luckily?) my mom saw her toddler screaming bloody murder holding her head and knew exactly what it was.

Experts always tell you that the best way to know something is hands on experience, so after 20 years of migraines I feel pretty confident in what I know. Here are a couple of tips that I hope can make this rotten pain a bit more manageable.

1)Standard protocol calls for a bed in a  dark, silent room. However, I sometimes find that having a little bit of noise makes all the difference. I really hate being able to hear my own heartbeat reverberate in my head, so having something else to focus on is essential. I’ll usually turn the tv on really low or channel my breathing.

2) Speaking of breathing… super important. I used to try to hold my breath so it wouldn’t hurt so badly. (Definitely a bad idea) Instead, try meditative breathing. I breathe deeply in as the throbbing starts and has the pain subsides, I exhale slowly. It takes some practice but I find this especially helpful while waiting for some medicine to kick in.

3) I use an eye mask. Any kind will do, but they’re awesome. It blocks out the light and having something slightly tight around my head helps.

Sleep Mask

4) Ice packs. Placing them across the forehead and behind the neck provides a bit of a shock to the system and provides a bit of relief. I love this brand, Be Kool. They have an adhesive back, so they stick to your forehead. It eliminates some of the hassle of a damp washcloth or a hard cold pack and I find it works just as well.

5) And lastly, caffeine. In any form you see fit- soda, coffee, chocolate. Be careful with this one because I’ve had my fair share of caffeine withdrawal headaches and sometimes they’re just as bad as migraines.

 Care for migraines is pretty standard but I hope some of these tips help. If you have any remedies you find useful, please let me know. I’d be very interested.