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My First Frost

24 Jan

This is a year of firsts for me. Getting back to school, adapting to a new part of the country and truly feeling like an adult. So, a whole lotta different going on. As mentioned before, I like change. I thrive on it. But no matter who you are, it can be daunting and unsettling. That was my thought when I noticed the weather changes here in Indiana. Actually, on seeing my first snow fall, my first thought was “what have I done? I don’t belong here.” But I do. It’s just different and takes some getting used to.

I have spent more than half my life in a sub tropical climate. First, the Bahamas and then Florida. No snow. Hell, if it got below 70 degrees people wore parkas. So this was my view this past week:



I was excited and then went, “what now?”

Thankfully, not a lot of snow. Mother nature needs to ease this FL girl into winter. But I have learned a few tricks. These are great for warding off the cold wind:


Soap and Glory Hand Food lotion, Nivea Lip Butters

And on those long winter days when I feel like this:


Sometimes you just have to remember it doesn’t last forever and have a big cup  bowl of tea.


Stay Warm and Happy Thursday!

Books, Books and More Books

13 Jan

When I was an undergrad studying literature, probably about 8 times out of 10 I got asked if I wanted to be a teacher. I would smile politely and say, “no. I’m not too sure yet. I just like books.” That has been a constant through out my life. I’ve always liked books.


Even in my early schooling, when teachers insisted on teaching grammar and whatnot, all I wanted was to analyze books and talk about them. Grammar is important but I remember those classes as the teacher trying to herd cats. They would try, but we weren’t buying it.

30 Rock

30 Rock

Everyone would tell me to wait until college, I could take all the Lit classes I want (and not have to deal with pesky things like math). And that’s exactly what I did.

So when I decided to go to grad school for Library Science, I was faced with the same question. “Do you want to be a librarian?” And again I politely smile and say, “nope. I just like books.” It’s still the most honest answer I can give. But it is a relief to know that a lot of the grad students in the Library Science program don’t want to work the Reference desk. There are so many other options to choose from.


I have found my niche in Rare Books Specialization and am among other wonderful book nerds. One of the books I am reading is called A Gentle Madness: Bibliophiles, Bibliomanes and the Eternal Passion for Books by Nicholas A. Basbanes. While it is filled with facts and dates, it’s not as dry as I anticipated. It has started to cover why people collect books, the “addiction” and how far some people have gone in history to get the perfect first edition.

“I have known men to hazard their fortunes, go long journeys halfway about the world, forget friendships, even lie, cheat and steal, all for the gain of a book” (Basbanes p.18).

Why libraries?

Because I like books.

{All pics courtesy of Pinterest}

DIY River Song Journal

2 Jan

Hello All and Happy New Year!

So far it’s been pretty good. I got to make the most of my visit home to Fl and even visited New Smyrna Beach. It was wonderful to see everyone and I’m ready for 2013. While, I’m not normally one for strict New Year resolutions I do try to accomplish something during the year. Pretty much every year it comes down to the fact that I wish I had more time to be creative, usually journaling. And I will continue to try again this year.

Which brings me to my first DIY. I’ve been on a bit of British t.v. kick during my Christmas break and have gotten caught up in Doctor Who- Oh my goodness. I can see why every one loves it! River Song is a favorite and her diary is pretty cool, so I thought I would make my own. Here’s how I did it:

Step 1: You’ll need a journal. I used an unused black moleskin journal.


Step 2: Gather Supplies (double sided mounting tape, double sided mounting squares, ruler, X-Acto knife)


Step 3: Align the pieces as you like


Step 4: Paint!



(first coat)


An online reference of the diary.

Final product! I even tea stained some of the pages to give it an aged effect. Excellent for your own spoilers :)

Happy Wednesday!