30 by 30

I’m definitely an “idea” person. However, follow through isn’t always there. I keep a long list one in my hardcover journal, but I saw this idea for a shortened one on sofia’s journal and loved the concept. I love that it gives me a definite time line to work on my goals. Which, let’s face it is a good idea for us procrastinators :)

1)Have a full time job that I enjoy

2) Get through 1 Jane Austen book (I always start them, but haven’t finished one yet)

3) Amas a small fortune (alright, just some moolah would be good.)

4) Visit South America

5) Find a nice guy

6) Learn French

7) Get to a happy weight

8) Get something published

9) Grow my fingernails (I’ve been a lifelong biter- It’s time to grow them out!)

10) Get a proper skin routine down

11) Go back to Ireland

12) Visit the western U.S.

13) Finish my college scrapbook

14) Get better with my digital camera

15) Learn to cook well (I’m getting better, but I second guess myself too much)

16) Be a more dedicated yogi

17) Go on a great roadtip

18) Get CPR certified

19) Grow a veggie garden   See pics here

20) Say exactly what I mean to say, the moment I mean to say it. ( No filter!)

21) Learn some sign language

22) Be an adventurous tea drinker (there are so many to choose from!)

23) Go to the beach more

24) Become a scrabble master

25) Make water my go-to drink

26) Change up my wardrobe- get some things outside my comfort zone

27) Learn to knit something

28) Visit New Orleans

29) Continuously donate to the Humane Society

30) Learn to make strong decisions and stick to them!


2 Responses to “30 by 30”

  1. rootstoblossom December 9, 2011 at 10:21 pm #

    I share many of these with you! I can’t finish a Jane Austen novel either for some reason. And I dream of going back to Ireland one day – spent 2 weeks there in college. I’ve never knitted, but have crocheted a few squares. I am currently feminizing my wardrobe, no more baggy, so what if I’m not my ideal weight. I know the important sign language needed for driving, does that count? :)

  2. gracedevine December 10, 2011 at 5:55 pm #

    That’s awesome! Sometimes it seems like a lot when I look at it, but if I take them one at a time, they’re not too daunting. And of course it counts, that’s a part of driving 101 :)

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