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Wedding Weekend!

5 May

I’ve had a wonderful time the past two weeks. I was able to visit a lot of family and check in with a whole bunch of my college friends. It was so great and really hard to say goodbye to everyone.

I was fortunate enough to be included in the bridal party for the wedding weekend, granted there were 16 bridesmaids! (I know, I can practically feel a whole bunch of eyebrows raised.) But hear me out, it really worked. We were an extremely close knit group while in school and the bride did not want to have to choose. We all wore any black dress we wanted and choose to wear dark purple heels to tie in with her wedding colors.

The only bad part was I came down with bronchitis while away. I felt like hell, but still had a fantastic time and that says a lot :)


Migraine Tips

5 Feb

Hi all.

I’ve touched on this subject before, but in way it bears repeating because it can very well be the bane of an existence: Migraines. According to the Migraine Research Foundation, over 10% of the population have migraines. More specifically, almost 1 in 4 households include someone with migraines. That’s pretty crazy. And of course, they’re hereditary. I have a strong maternal history that goes waayyy back. I’ve had migraines since I was four, but (luckily?) my mom saw her toddler screaming bloody murder holding her head and knew exactly what it was.

Experts always tell you that the best way to know something is hands on experience, so after 20 years of migraines I feel pretty confident in what I know. Here are a couple of tips that I hope can make this rotten pain a bit more manageable.

1)Standard protocol calls for a bed in a  dark, silent room. However, I sometimes find that having a little bit of noise makes all the difference. I really hate being able to hear my own heartbeat reverberate in my head, so having something else to focus on is essential. I’ll usually turn the tv on really low or channel my breathing.

2) Speaking of breathing… super important. I used to try to hold my breath so it wouldn’t hurt so badly. (Definitely a bad idea) Instead, try meditative breathing. I breathe deeply in as the throbbing starts and has the pain subsides, I exhale slowly. It takes some practice but I find this especially helpful while waiting for some medicine to kick in.

3) I use an eye mask. Any kind will do, but they’re awesome. It blocks out the light and having something slightly tight around my head helps.

Sleep Mask

4) Ice packs. Placing them across the forehead and behind the neck provides a bit of a shock to the system and provides a bit of relief. I love this brand, Be Kool. They have an adhesive back, so they stick to your forehead. It eliminates some of the hassle of a damp washcloth or a hard cold pack and I find it works just as well.

5) And lastly, caffeine. In any form you see fit- soda, coffee, chocolate. Be careful with this one because I’ve had my fair share of caffeine withdrawal headaches and sometimes they’re just as bad as migraines.

 Care for migraines is pretty standard but I hope some of these tips help. If you have any remedies you find useful, please let me know. I’d be very interested.

A Very Travel Christmas

28 Dec

Hello All,

I really hope you all had a wonderful holiday. It was fun, relaxing one at the Devine household. We took our time getting up, becoming fairly presentable, watching Die Hard and then I made these.  Tasty, right?

I gave and received some pretty sweet gift this year.  Even though I’m stationary for the foreseeable future, I’m living vicariously through possibilities. And one way is through this book. Lonely Planet: The Travel Book. It has every country with photos, vital stats and a fun random fact. And it’s huge. I mean, massive.

Yup. It' s actually bigger than my laptop.

And to satisfy my crafty side, I gave a SMASHBOOK a try.

It’s essentially a scrapbook, but of course I got the travel themed one. I’m filling it with pics of my travel bucket list. The colorful pages are a nice change of pace, but I was a bit disappointed with the quality. I’m already starting to fill it up with possibilities. It is nice to have a place to put all my ideas down.

A couple day trips are in the works, so I’m currently content. Hopefully with the New Year news of Grad Schools will follow. Waiting is the hardest part. *Fingers Crossed* for good news!

The Grinch Was Right

11 Dec

Well, not during his cranky kleptomaniac phase but when he had his sweet little revelation.

courtesy of Pinterest

And while we tend to get caught up in the season with the food, fun and presents it’s so easy to forget. This is a season of giving and not just to friends and family. And really the best part of it all is that it can be free. I got some really fun suggestions online. Like giving away my bridesmaid dress for another girl to use for prom or donating my old cell phone.  And there is always volunteer, which will match you with your community needs.

And I just got involved in a great organization called

They are having a love letter drive from December 5th-17th. They have 12 folks in need of some love and encouragement and they will email the details for the letter. It’s so simple and it’ll make your day as well as the recipient. And even after the holiday season, they will send you a personal request once a month. We all need a pick-me- up and nothing beats a letter made with care.

I hope you’re getting in the holiday mood, because I sure  am. T’is the season, after all!

Ass Backwards

8 Dec

As you can tell from my Pick Me! page, I made a note that I have an amazing ability to do things the hard way. It’s completely unintentional but for the most part it works out in the end. I can spend what feels like an eternity worrying about something and it turns out just fine. I think worrywart is in my genes.

“It will all be OK in the end. If it’s not OK, it’s not the end.”- Unknown

This basic principle has made me an optimist. It’s a gentle reminder that it’s OK to have moments of panic, worry and nerves, but that those moments will pass and allow you to move on. More power to ya’ if you are one of those cool as a cucumber type folks but I haven’t met many in my life. I’m only human and emotions are a package deal.

But like I said, I tend to fall in to things, both literally (way accident prone) and figuratively. My love of travel kinda happened on accident, how I became a “cat person”- we have rehabilitated about 5 ferals, and my love of literature came as a surprise because I was a troubled reader as a kid.  But I think we’re thrown surprises because it keeps life interesting. And even if I somehow take the long way, go about it ass backwards or jump in out of my depth, I know it’ll settle itself out.

To hell with instructions!

I got this.

{All photos courtesy Weheartit}