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7 Jul

My life lately :)

{First set}

1) My lovely new bookmark courtesy of the awesome miss Anna. I was rereading Catching Fire, because I heard they’re starting to cast characters and I wanted to indulge my imagination before it gets mixed in with the movie versions, ya know? Either way, I’m excited :)

2) My sweet girl, Bridget.

3) UP earrings! I love them.

{Second set}

1) My first strawberry! It was a little sour, but I was so surprised it was actually growing.

2) Our awesome cat, Mischief.

3) Sunflowers are the best.

Happy Friday!

Kicks and Giggles

20 Jan

Anybody else think January tends to be a bit anticlimactic? After all the rushing and anticipation of the holidays the body just sort of chills out and lets all defenses down. That’s normally great and all, except when your immunities are down and you catch a cold. Bummer, right? Oh well, I am feeling much better and I do think being positive has helped. While on the mend, I’ve been visiting some humor websites that definitely put a smile on my face. Laughing really can change your whole day and isn’t it even better when someone’s laugh is funnier than the joke? My brother has a laugh that could put a hyena to shame. No matter where he is in the house, we all smile when we hear it. Here are a couple sites that can bring on the laughs. Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Pinterest– humor section: A lil’ bit of everything. Something’s sure to strike your fancy.

Keep looking 'til you find it. So funny.

  •  Fyouautocorrect: Because it’s a grammarian’s worst nightmare, but also kinda funny. Only when it happens to someone else, of course.

Circus Time

18 Nov

This past week I got a chance to relive my childhood a bit, and honestly it’s not in a way I would have imagined. I went to a circus. I’m sure I used to like the circus when I was younger, but never really loved it so much that I remembered it. My brother hated it. Screamed bloody murder the whole time according to my Mom. But as for me, it was what it was.

I was driving a friend home when I saw the big tent and the lights and a HUGE elephant out front in a big grassy field. Needless to say, not something you see every day. But I went straight home and googled what was goin’ on. The circus was in town for two days. I was going back and forth deciding whether I should go. As an animal person, my heart was torn. But as a inquisitive personality, I was super curious. And damned if the personality didn’t win…It always does.

But we did stop to talk to Mike out front. A very sweet older man that had worked for them for a very long time. He spent fifteen minutes telling us all about the process and stories. When asked point blank about the treatment, he said “these animals have better healthcare than I do.”

I’m still conflicted, I’ll probably always be.

But the show was amazing.

Claiming My Happy #11-20

17 Aug

11) A great sunrise

12) Family love

13) Reading a great book that you just can’t put down

14) Sunflowers

15) Tea can solve everything :)

16) Kitty Kisses

17) Adventure!

18)  A surprise compliment

19) Changing seasons

20)  Having really crazy friends that know you better than you know yourself

(All images courtesy of weheartit.com)