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Miccosukee Arts Festival

2 Jan

Happy New Year! Unfortunately, any celebration was cut a bit short due to a massive migraine on my part and my brother being way under the weather too- he sounds like a barking dog. But we persevered, had a delicious dinner and am feeling much better today.

All the better to share my little travel excursion with you. I’d been hearing about the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida Arts Festival for a couple weeks and thought it would be fun. So, Nicole and I got our coffee and set off for Miami-ish. A few missed exits and turnarounds later (ahem) a lot later, we arrived at the reservation.

There was dancing, alligators, shows, crafts and a very rich culture present.

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Even though it was far away and kinda hard to find, I had a great time. It was fun to try something different. Hopefully this will a common occurrence in 2012. I’m always up for somethin’ new!


DIY Colored Mason Jars

3 Oct

I love mason jars. They’re fun, unique and a touch of rustic.  It really was easy and pretty fun too.  I started with some Matte Modgepodge, sponge and food coloring. I had every intention of following some instructions (to take the brush and paint the inside), but that is not my strong suit. So, the list of products is about as far as I got while following the rules. I’m more of the “wing it” type.  I got some clean, clear jars and set up the color.

I decided I wanted the mixture a little more runny. For this I used about a teaspoon of glue and equal part water.

Give it a good swirl and make sure it’s all coated.

I found drip dry was a good time saver!

I let them dry a good long while. About 2 days, actually.  When all was said and done, I did notice some streaks. But I was planning on going a bit further anyway.

Just some hot glue and paper butterflies and it took on new life. As most my crafter friends say, “do what you can to fix it but if you can’t- just call it unique!”

So here it is, my new “unique” craft!

{Inspiration found from  Pinterest}

Road trip!

1 Sep

I had a pretty awesome weekend with some great people. I’ve been looking into  graduate schools and Florida State is pretty high on the list. I was invited to their Lit open house, so I thought it was a good time to hit the road and see what’s what. It’s hard to believe that it’s a almost a 7 hour drive up to Tallahassee (Florida is a crazy huge state!) But with a short stop in Tampa to visit my lovely college roommate, ( and a visit to my favorite tea store) I was ready to roll.

Tallahassee is a really fun city with a lot to do. I got to channel my creative side with Painting with a Twist. It’s a painting studio with great instructors that dole out a lot of helpful instruction and much needed moral support. After 2 hours I was able to make this:

I’m no artist. But it’s a good time.

And you can drink wine! It’s encouraged actually.

Now, that’s my kind of art :)

I also went to Maclay Gardens. Unfortunately, it’s August in Florida so naturally it’s hotter than the 7th circle of hell. But on the bright side I was the only one there and it was really beautiful.

Anna and I ventured a short way off to Wakulla Springs.

We went on a boat ride through the spring. I’ve always lived near the ocean, so it was pretty neat to see a different body of water. (It’s absolutely freezing!) Here are just a couple things we saw.

Kinda looks like my painting, huh?


Enjoying the view


Poor "Old Joe"

It was a fabulous weekend adventure and I hope to get back up to N. Florida again soon.

My First DIY project

21 Aug

With all me new found free time, I’ve been a busy little blogger. One thing that has caught my eye as of late has been crafty projects. I saw a really great one on Cupcakes and Cashmere. It’s a great little project for a floating vase, and it seemed simple enough that even a newbie like myself could handle it. I made a few variations that I’ve noted and will point out along the way. But here we go :)

If you want to try it, you’re gonna need a piece of wood, wire (i recommend steel gage. I tried it first with regular kind and it didn’t hold) a clean jar (this was for peanut butter) and a flower.

I found a scrap piece of wood in the garage and coated it in some primer. After it dried, I added a hanger to the back. The other tutorial showed it hanging from some wire. I wanted to give it the feel that it was actually floating.  I drilled 2 holes an appropriate distance apart, in order to hang the jar. Wrapped the wire several times underneath the lip of the jar.



I wasn’t too thrilled with the paint, so I added some Martha Stewart crackle paint on top. Even though I couldn’t quite make it crackle the way I wanted to, it definitely added a nice rustic touch.


Once it’s all dried and ready to roll, you can place the wire through the holes and twist tightly.



Seeing as I was a little concerned this may not hold, I hung it over a carpeted area for 2 days and it’s still holding strong. I wouldn’t recommend anything too heavy inside, but a small flower was a sweet addition.


Happy Creating!