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My First Frost

24 Jan

This is a year of firsts for me. Getting back to school, adapting to a new part of the country and truly feeling like an adult. So, a whole lotta different going on. As mentioned before, I like change. I thrive on it. But no matter who you are, it can be daunting and unsettling. That was my thought when I noticed the weather changes here in Indiana. Actually, on seeing my first snow fall, my first thought was “what have I done? I don’t belong here.” But I do. It’s just different and takes some getting used to.

I have spent more than half my life in a sub tropical climate. First, the Bahamas and then Florida. No snow. Hell, if it got below 70 degrees people wore parkas. So this was my view this past week:



I was excited and then went, “what now?”

Thankfully, not a lot of snow. Mother nature needs to ease this FL girl into winter. But I have learned a few tricks. These are great for warding off the cold wind:


Soap and Glory Hand Food lotion, Nivea Lip Butters

And on those long winter days when I feel like this:


Sometimes you just have to remember it doesn’t last forever and have a big cup  bowl of tea.


Stay Warm and Happy Thursday!


Favorite Tunes

16 Feb

Music has really been everywhere this week. The death of Whitney Houston, the Grammy’s, I made several mixes for my Mom, and I love Adele, but if the music stations play Rolling in the Deep one more time…I’m gonna scream. But it did get me thinking about my relationship with music. It’s weird. Because I grew up in the Bahamas, I was separated from a lot of Pop Culture things. It had to be absolutely HUGE in order to reach the island. So the only bands I had knowledge of were The Beatles and Spice Girls. That’s it. Needless to say coming to Fl when I was twelve was daunting and I looked like an idiot more than once a lot. But I like to think that I have developed a taste ( in large part because of Nicole), if not, I know what I like when I hear it. Today my iTunes library proudly boasts a grand total of 2, 744 songs and I thought I would share some of my favorite artists.

Florence + The Machine: Love her! Her new CD is amazing, I could listen to it all the time (and do!)

Maroon 5: Moves like Jagger is seriously catchy…

The Band Perry: Country-lite. Great sound without all the twang.

Adele: She won 6 Grammy’s for a reason. Pure genius.

Ingrid Michaelson: She’s quirky and fun. It comes through in her music.

It’s pretty neat to see how tastes develop and mature, and there is something oddly personal about music choice. I’ve always been a bit timid about my music choice. Mostly because I didn’t feel like I knew what I was talking about, and I guess also who wants to be told their taste is bad? (Trust me, it happens). But I guess it’s just like anything else, we all get settled as we get older and learn what we like and want. Everybody has their own taste and there is so much to choose from. Who is your favorite artist? Do you have a genre or are you a little bit of everything?

{All pics courtesy of Google.com}

My 5

25 Jan

The internet is a funny thing. I check it every morning to make sure the world’s still there, read my favorite blogs, drop in for a bit of Facebook and Twitter. I come to my blog to see what’s new and try to think of some new things to say to my wonderful readers :)

But those things aside, isn’t it amazing how connected you can feel to someone you’ve never met? Technology and I have always had a bit of a tumultuous relationship, but for all of it’s faults, I love it and will always come back with open arms.

The 6 Weeks of Bliss Challenge for this week was to share some quirks about myself. I jumped on this because these are the things you really wouldn’t know from the internet.

1) I collect journals. I don’t know whether it’s my general love of books, or my perpetual writer’s block but I find solace in surrounding myself with beautiful books. My goal is to fill an entire journal. It hasn’t happened because try as I might, I just can’t bring myself to sit down a write everyday.

2) I was in a play in middle school and got a boot stuck on my leg. It had to be pried off with a bar!

Certainly didn't look like this- but still!

3) I hate sailing. I was in a summer course while in the Bahamas that lasted a couple of weeks. I kept getting burned, hit with the boom and lost a girl’s shoe while capsizing. It was traumatizing.

4) I’m a travel fiend, but airports make me nervous. I always think I’m late, all the rushing and procedure. But I’m totally fine when I’m on the plane. Weird, right?

5) I love soft lights, so much so that I have Christmas lights up in my room all year.

I would love this


Your turn! Feel free to share some of the quirks that make you so special :)

{pics courtesy weheartit.com}

Tech Savvy

7 Dec

 I didn’t even touch a computer until I was 13, and granted it wasn’t unusual then-it’s super unusual now. My 2 year old cousin is a genius on an iPad! Craziness. And like most things, it has it’s good and bad points. But for the most part, I think it just shows the natural progression of technology. I’m only 24, but I think I’ve been alive during a really exciting period. With the rise of Apple, Bluetooth, and SmartPhones it’s all pretty cool.

I was thinking about it more because I’m enrolling in Library and Information Science graduate school for next year. While I’m not exactly sure where the degree will lead me, a lot of the courses are technology heavy. Just a few years ago, that would scare me silly. I’m not an HTML genius or able to “just know” what’s wrong with a tech product. I’ll always have to do some investigating, but I’m super excited to try.

The Bahamas were a technological godsend. I look back at my time there with great fondness. Those few years gave me an extra little bit of childhood. I spent the time playing outside, in the ocean, at recess, reading, playing with friends. The computer was this big thing in hallway. It made funny noises.

After we moved here, I felt a little behind. Everyone seemed to already have more than basic knowledge of computers. It was really daunting and I let my frustration get the better of me a lot of the time. But it was one of those scenarios where you “fake it til you make it.” It took a while, but I didn’t have to pretend anymore. I knew what to do and when. Now, I can do more than I ever thought I could. It just took patience (I’m still working on this one). But, what to do when my beloved techie products refuse to work?

I read a book.

My next review coming soon! :)

{All photos courtesy weheartit}

The “white white girl”

23 Sep

I got the nickname “white white girl” in my first week in the Bahamas. I had just started second grade in a new tropical paradise completely unlike my previous home, Philadelphia. The first friend I made was also new to the school and her dad was also my doctor. On my first appointment with him he said, “oh yeah! My daughter mentioned you;  you must be the ‘white, white girl.” And the name stuck.

I have a strong Irish heritage. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized has given me several things; a proud history, appreciation for a good beer, and remarkably pale skin. Honestly, being pale hasn’t bothered me. I’ve even been known to endorse it, like this:

But this week was particularly hard. My acne has been acting up lately, and I’m super tired of it. I have  another wedding weekend, I was hoping I could do a better job of covering it up. It took about 3 hours, 2 department stores and 5 different brands later but I finally found a good match and just had to share. It’s good ‘ole Estee Lauder in Bone. For those fellow acne sufferers, i highly reccomend checkin’ it out.  ‘Cause I am one happy, foundation covered camper!