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26 Jul

I have migraines. A lot. It’s sort a grab bag of both stress and genetics, but none the less it’s something I’ve had since I was four years’ old. It can vary between a month without any to three in one week.. I think that’s probably the worst of it all, is that most of the time they show up without warning. But this year, I decided to try meditation. And with my recent bought with unemployment, I’m trying to keep a lid on my stress for fear migraines will sprout up like uncontrolled weeds. I really believe that it has helped. So I thought I would share some pointers that I thought might be of use. Please note that meditation is a very personal thing. What works for me may not for you and that’s fine. But the key is persistence. Trust me, it took me a long time to get into it (and I’m still a beginner!)  :)

Be calm. I know this sounds like a bit of a catch-22. I’m meditating to be calm! Why would I meditate if I’m already calm? Yes. This is all well and true, however I found it nearly impossible to concentrate if I didn’t at least try to relax a few minutes before sitting down to meditate. It’s really all about breathing. I had no idea I was breathing wrong for 23 years, but here we are-nearly a quarter century old and I’m finally doing it right. I tend to breathe short, shallow breath (like most of us) that raises our shoulders up. Turns out, that’s not deep enough breath. I was taught to inhale deeply with one hand on my chest and another on my belly. When I inhale and exhale it should be my belly that moves- not my shoulders.

We normally see meditation classes where everyone is sitting cross-legged like a bendy pretzel. Unfortunately, that wasn’t for me. I much prefer lying flat or sitting against a wall with my legs stretched in front. I find thats the easiest pose for me to focus on breathing.

I’m not one for visualization. But some people swear by it. It can look anywhere from this:


A lovely mountain view



A gorgeous sunset



Or even a delicious snack :)


But I think that’s the beauty of meditation. It’s just me rattling up there in my own brain. And while it may seem sometimes like nothing is up there, you’d be surprised at all the information you have to wade through to get to the juicy, meaningful stuff. So I find it best to be patient. If you remember you need to buy milk, or the cat screams for food at the exact moment you are about to reach Nirvana, let it go. Acknowledge your stress. But be sure to let go or it will weigh you down.