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Kicks and Giggles

20 Jan

Anybody else think January tends to be a bit anticlimactic? After all the rushing and anticipation of the holidays the body just sort of chills out and lets all defenses down. That’s normally great and all, except when your immunities are down and you catch a cold. Bummer, right? Oh well, I am feeling much better and I do think being positive has helped. While on the mend, I’ve been visiting some humor websites that definitely put a smile on my face. Laughing really can change your whole day and isn’t it even better when someone’s laugh is funnier than the joke? My brother has a laugh that could put a hyena to shame. No matter where he is in the house, we all smile when we hear it. Here are a couple sites that can bring on the laughs. Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Pinterest– humor section: A lil’ bit of everything. Something’s sure to strike your fancy.

Keep looking 'til you find it. So funny.

  •  Fyouautocorrect: Because it’s a grammarian’s worst nightmare, but also kinda funny. Only when it happens to someone else, of course.

Bloomin’ Again

9 Nov

Finally starting to feel a bit better and look what I found.  Isn’t it gorgeous?


A blue orchid.  We have quite a few orchids outside, and we’ve found the best way to take care of them is to leave them alone. Honestly. When we first bring them home, I place a couple ice cubes in the base once a week and place them in indirect sunlight. Once they’ve died for the season, I’ll place them outside and do absolutely nothing to them and they bloom beautifully every year. They thrive on neglect, they’re the perfect flower! Such a sweet little pick me up :)

Under the Weather

3 Nov


Ugh, It’s been ages since I’ve had a cold, ( Lucky, right?) But this one caught me off guard. I had just come back from a fun filled weekend, and this little bugger snuck up when I wasn’t paying attention. And just when I’m heading off to a job interview! So far my plan has been tea. And lots of it.

Anyone have some tricks that work for them?

Autumn Envy

9 Oct


I’m woman enough to admit it.

I have Fall envy.

Most people would love a chance to live in Florida. And while it does have some nice qualities, the lack of seasons is a serious bummer. I’m starting to see the FB updates with photos of changing leaves,autumn smells, warm drinks, pumpkins and I can’t help but be a wee bit jealous. My wanderlust has been starting up again, so being stationary isn’t helping.

I’ve been in Fl for 11 years (which is the longest I’ve lived anywhere). And I haven’t lived in a cold climate since I was 7,so I’m probably romanticizing my memory. But who wouldn’t love this?

Hopefully I can take a mini vacation to see the season change. And maybe if I’m lucky I’ll be able to sip hot cider in some crisp chilly air.

{All pics courtesy of Weheartit.com}