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Garden Update

15 Dec

While it’s snowing and freezing in other parts of the country, it’s super beautiful here today. Not to brag or anything… but winter is the best (other than the influx of snowbirds). But, I love that my garden is thriving! We’re still in the green phase, but it’s getting’ there.

my herb selection


sweet pepper

mustard greens and eggplant


*Fingers crossed* they turn out as good as they look! But I’ve learned the best thing you can do for them is be patient, because no matter what you do for them, they do whatever they want. :)


Time for pie!

5 Oct

I’m on a bit of a baking kick- which is kinda dangerous, but all oh delicious. So screw it, I made mini pies!


Found at Sur La Table

Filled with some apple filling, a quick egg wash and you’re ready. 30 mins at 350:

Absolutely delicious and they went so fast! I’ll have to make this again soon. But for right now, I have my sights set on a peach pie :)