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Birthday Treats!

13 Sep

I made some delicious sunflower cupcakes for my Dad’s birthday. With a little luck and some help from Betty Crocker, I was able to make these:


A dainty dessert to complement our “manly” main dish of a roast and potatoes.  A great day for a great Dad! :)


Guess who’s coming to dinner?

11 Sep

I recently lost my previous blog name, but I hope you enjoy this name and URL just as much. I also received an email from WordPress that got me thinking.

It posed the question:  Assemble your dream dinner guest list. Think of all the famous, or infamous, people living or dead, or even fictional, and pick 6 to share a fine meal with. Who do you pick? Why? What do you expect to happen? I actually had kinda hard time with it. Not so much with the people I want to meet but limiting it to 6, but I did and here it is.

1) Jesus. I think this one is kind of a given. If allowed the chance I think every Christian would take the opportunity to get that one answer that they’re looking for. I understand the need for divine intervention and timing, but sometimes we do just want a direct answer.

2) My Grandmother- Nana. Everyone says we always had a special connection and I know it’s true. Even though she passed when I was only 7, I think about her almost every day. Sometimes it’s fragmented memories like her teaching me to play cards or wrapping a present. (She had a magical ability to use every piece of scrap paper). But I would definitely like the chance to talk to her as an adult. Since she was an important part of my childhood, I’d like her opinion on how I turned out.

3) Harry Potter. Who wouldn’t want to meet Harry Potter?

4) Dalai Lama. I’ve always been fascinated with Buddhism. The principles are so simple and yet very complicated to accomplish. Having the Dalai Lama as a guest could really help me understand some things better.

5) Allison Janney. I’ve been a huge fan since West Wing and think she is just a hoot. I have a feeling she’s kinda like that cool aunt who will bring wine and tells fantastic stories.

6) Brenda Leigh Johnson. Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson to be exact. She’s the smart, witty Southern Belle of law enforcement on The Closer. Chances are that Brenda could never make it to dinner because she’d be too busy with an important case. But just as long as she doesn’t say, “thank you, thank you so much”, I’ll be happy. Maybe she’d stop by if I served some Ho-Ho’s or Ding Dongs.

I would hope to have it in my back yard. And I would want it to look something like this :

I would want everyone would get along and talk long into the night. With so many varied people and personalities I’m sure there would be much to discuss.

This reminds me of a question my friend Carrie once asked me. She asked me who “my five” were. You know, from the episode of Friends where they all have a list of 5 celebrities they could sleep with and have no consequences with their significant other. It was a while ago, but I  vaguely remember my list looking something like this.

1) Johnny Depp

2) James McAvoy

3) Ryan Reynolds

4) Orlando Bloom

5) James Franco

Haha, isn’t it funny the things I remember? I remember this list and probably forgot an important book quotation for an exam. Ah, priorities…

Do you have a list? Anyone you’d like to meet, see again or bring to life out of a fictional setting? Or how ’bout “your five”? Please share :)