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DIY River Song Journal

2 Jan

Hello All and Happy New Year!

So far it’s been pretty good. I got to make the most of my visit home to Fl and even visited New Smyrna Beach. It was wonderful to see everyone and I’m ready for 2013. While, I’m not normally one for strict New Year resolutions I do try to accomplish something during the year. Pretty much every year it comes down to the fact that I wish I had more time to be creative, usually journaling. And I will continue to try again this year.

Which brings me to my first DIY. I’ve been on a bit of British t.v. kick during my Christmas break and have gotten caught up in Doctor Who- Oh my goodness. I can see why every one loves it! River Song is a favorite and her diary is pretty cool, so I thought I would make my own. Here’s how I did it:

Step 1: You’ll need a journal. I used an unused black moleskin journal.


Step 2: Gather Supplies (double sided mounting tape, double sided mounting squares, ruler, X-Acto knife)


Step 3: Align the pieces as you like


Step 4: Paint!



(first coat)


An online reference of the diary.

Final product! I even tea stained some of the pages to give it an aged effect. Excellent for your own spoilers :)

Happy Wednesday!


DIY Photo Tip Sheet

14 Jan

I’ve been getting a lot of good photography info lately, but as it usually happens: in one ear and out the other… So, I needed a way to have them on hand and at the ready for the perfect shot. So, I made this.

It’s super easy. It’s just a set of colorful notecards, a hole punch, and a binder clip. But I wanted this to be in good shape for a while, so I added Duck Laminate Clear Peel & Stick Shelf Liner. It should help them be a bit more durable (and can be found at Walmart for about 5 bucks). Easy way to have helpful tips within reach.