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Home again, home again

27 Sep

Made it back safe and sound from my last wedding weekend of the year (pictures to come soon). I have a nice long break before my next one next year. It was a beautiful service, reception and the couple couldn’t be happier so it was all worth it. It was my first time being a maid of honor, so I had my fair share of butterflies as I was walking down the isle and when it came time for my speech. But it went off without a hitch. But it sure did feel great to get home.

It was a great mini vacation, but it feels good to be back with family, sleep in my own bed and get back to a routine. And who wouldn’t want to be bombarded by dogs so excited to see you because they missed you so much?! Speaking of which, I found some really cute corgi pictures and thought I’d share. They are just so sweet!

Keep smilin’ and have a great week! :)

{All photos courtesy of pinterest}


Claiming My Happy #1-10

17 Aug

This week has been a bit of a downer. Emotions running a bit too high and undue anxiety running amok, and I’m totally over it. So, I’m changing it. I saw this listing on one of my favorite blogs (Sofia’s Journal) and decided to give it a go. This week I will be posting 50 things that I’m grateful for and bring me happiness. Please join in if you feel so inclined. It’s a good exercise in “happy” :)

1) silliness!

2) Optimism

3) Corgis

4) Road trips

5) Being fancy

6) The Simpsons

7) Ice Cream…yumm!

8) Realizing its OK  (dare I say, sexy?) to be pale

9) My Kindle

10) A Sexy Suit

All photos courtesy of weheartit.com