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Autumn Envy

9 Oct


I’m woman enough to admit it.

I have Fall envy.

Most people would love a chance to live in Florida. And while it does have some nice qualities, the lack of seasons is a serious bummer. I’m starting to see the FB updates with photos of changing leaves,autumn smells, warm drinks, pumpkins and I can’t help but be a wee bit jealous. My wanderlust has been starting up again, so being stationary isn’t helping.

I’ve been in Fl for 11 years (which is the longest I’ve lived anywhere). And I haven’t lived in a cold climate since I was 7,so I’m probably romanticizing my memory. But who wouldn’t love this?

Hopefully I can take a mini vacation to see the season change. And maybe if I’m lucky I’ll be able to sip hot cider in some crisp chilly air.

{All pics courtesy of Weheartit.com}


Claiming My Happy #21-30

18 Aug

21) Anything Apple

22) The Irish Homeland

23) Perseverance

24) Sweet kisses

25) A great camera shot

26)  Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!

27) Being Barefoot

28) Sarcasm

29) A fun party

30) Lovely London

(All photos courtesy of weheartit.com )

Claiming My Happy #11-20

17 Aug

11) A great sunrise

12) Family love

13) Reading a great book that you just can’t put down

14) Sunflowers

15) Tea can solve everything :)

16) Kitty Kisses

17) Adventure!

18)  A surprise compliment

19) Changing seasons

20)  Having really crazy friends that know you better than you know yourself

(All images courtesy of weheartit.com)