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Time for pie!

5 Oct

I’m on a bit of a baking kick- which is kinda dangerous, but all oh delicious. So screw it, I made mini pies!


Found at Sur La Table

Filled with some apple filling, a quick egg wash and you’re ready. 30 mins at 350:

Absolutely delicious and they went so fast! I’ll have to make this again soon. But for right now, I have my sights set on a peach pie :)


No expiration? No worries. Yeah, right…

19 Apr

Living in the Bahamas taught me a lot of things. Today while I was running some errands I was reminded of some of the life lessons.

1) Sunscreen is serious business. I try to make a conscious effort to protect my skin. A day at the beach now requires a full bottle of 50+ spf spray of sunscreen, droopy hat, sunglasses and in some cases I’ll even bring my own shade.

2) Air Conditioning is a blessing. Take advantage of it as much as possible. Make it as cold as you can stand it. Ok, well not really. It’s not exactly environmentally sound, or financially responsible. However, I still remember how it felt to go to a school with no air conditioning,  in consistent 90 degree heat. Isn’t it hard enough to pay attention in middle school without the threat of heat stroke?

3) Always check expiration dates. My mom has always been good about making sure food is good, checking the dates and her stand-by “when in doubt, throw it out.” According to old family stories, my Dad’s mom had a cast-iron stomach. She was a tough lady who had a farm and took care of five kids. She was not one for “checking dates”, and my Dad inherited this trait. Every time my Grandmother would come over to babysit, there was a mad dash to the refrigerator. My mom would clear out the older and questionable food before she would arrive, just in case we got hungry. So, you can imagine that this habit was in full swing when we lived in the Bahamas. We were scarred our first time buying grains, only to find bugs in it. Sometimes, our fellow grocery shoppers would bring expired food to the register and rather than discard it, would ask for a discount. But the seafood was plentiful and delicious, so it seemed like a fair trade. How many kids’ parents make them lobster pizza enough times, that they say “no, thank you?” Not very many I would guess. Even though we have moved from the island, I cannot bring myself to buy something without checking the expiration date and I don’t think that’ll ever change.

Everything we do gives us lessons. The trick is to try to remember them when we need them. Even if it’s just to remember the sunscreen, appreciate a bit of chilly man made air, or to double check the fine print on that milk in your fridge.