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International Women’s Day

8 Mar

March is National Women’s History Month(US), and today is International Women’s Day. Ladies, let’s hear it for the recognition! :) I shall celebrate in the best way I know how- let’s read!

I came across this link from Flavorwire. It is their list for ten of the most powerful women in literature, which I think is a good mix. I share a lot of the same thoughts.  Do you think they missed any? Who’s your favorite heroine?

These are some of my favorites.

  • Hermione Granger: Proof that smart girls can have it all.
  • Jane Eyre: A so called “plain” girl who always rose to the occasion
  • Scout Finch: A young girl with  good heart and an inquisitive soul
  • Hester Prynne: Shows constant strength amid vicious rumors and cruelty.
  • Katniss Everdeen: A true badass

{All pics courtesy of Google}


The Grinch Was Right

11 Dec

Well, not during his cranky kleptomaniac phase but when he had his sweet little revelation.

courtesy of Pinterest

And while we tend to get caught up in the season with the food, fun and presents it’s so easy to forget. This is a season of giving and not just to friends and family. And really the best part of it all is that it can be free. I got some really fun suggestions online. Like giving away my bridesmaid dress for another girl to use for prom or donating my old cell phone.  And there is always volunteer match.org, which will match you with your community needs.

And I just got involved in a great organization called moreloveletters.com

They are having a love letter drive from December 5th-17th. They have 12 folks in need of some love and encouragement and they will email the details for the letter. It’s so simple and it’ll make your day as well as the recipient. And even after the holiday season, they will send you a personal request once a month. We all need a pick-me- up and nothing beats a letter made with care.

I hope you’re getting in the holiday mood, because I sure  am. T’is the season, after all!

And It Begins..

26 Nov

I love Christmas but rarely do much for it. Due to allergies and animal shenanigans, we have a petite tabletop tree and a couple lights outside to show we celebrate the season. Sometimes I bake. We don’t really go over the top, and I like it that way. Some years the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas can feel like an eternity and a lot of people get burnt out. Our style is really relaxed and everyone is a lot happier for it. The holiday season is kinda like a performance, leave room to grow and you’ll always want to come back for more. And we do! I’m excited the season is here. Yesterday, Nicole and I went to the Mizner Park Christmas Tree Lighting. It was pretty awesome.

There were fireworks too!

I hope you are excited too. But remember its a marathon, not a sprint. Be sure to stay hydrated- Yes, hot chocolate and eggnog count :)

Oh, and check out my Twitter for a video of the musical tree show. It was pretty cool.

A day for moms

9 May

Moms are special, and mine is no exception. She’s lovely in every way and constantly makes me happy she’s all mine (except that I have to share her with my brother, but that’s ok too). I’m so lucky that I don’t understand people that constantly fight with their moms and can go months without speaking to each other. My mom and I spoke everyday when I was in college. It’s not even because she told me to (which she did, a lot) :) It’s because we are friends. So here’s to you, Mom! Bask in our love and know it’s always there and always will be.

I love you Mom!