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Derby Delights

8 May

I only recently became interested in the Kentucky Derby. My friend from Kentucky introduced me to the wonder of the derby four years ago while living in the same dorm in college. It started with pie. This pie, actually.

Kentucky Derby Pie

She made it in one of the other campus apartments and shared it with our whole dorm. And as everyone knows, there is no way better to get college kids to an event better than food. Each year the gathering got bigger until last year we had a real party. BBQ, pie, drinks, dollar pool and appropriate attire (dresses and big hats recommended). It was a blast.

The Girls

Even though the gang’s separated, the derby is a great memory. Today I got several text messages with everyone’s top horse choice. None of us chose the right one, but that’s not what makes the derby so much fun. It’s a great time together with maybe a mint julep and slice of pie in hand.

The Group