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Migraine Tips

5 Feb

Hi all.

I’ve touched on this subject before, but in way it bears repeating because it can very well be the bane of an existence: Migraines. According to the Migraine Research Foundation, over 10% of the population have migraines. More specifically, almost 1 in 4 households include someone with migraines. That’s pretty crazy. And of course, they’re hereditary. I have a strong maternal history that goes waayyy back. I’ve had migraines since I was four, but (luckily?) my mom saw her toddler screaming bloody murder holding her head and knew exactly what it was.

Experts always tell you that the best way to know something is hands on experience, so after 20 years of migraines I feel pretty confident in what I know. Here are a couple of tips that I hope can make this rotten pain a bit more manageable.

1)Standard protocol calls for a bed in a  dark, silent room. However, I sometimes find that having a little bit of noise makes all the difference. I really hate being able to hear my own heartbeat reverberate in my head, so having something else to focus on is essential. I’ll usually turn the tv on really low or channel my breathing.

2) Speaking of breathing… super important. I used to try to hold my breath so it wouldn’t hurt so badly. (Definitely a bad idea) Instead, try meditative breathing. I breathe deeply in as the throbbing starts and has the pain subsides, I exhale slowly. It takes some practice but I find this especially helpful while waiting for some medicine to kick in.

3) I use an eye mask. Any kind will do, but they’re awesome. It blocks out the light and having something slightly tight around my head helps.

Sleep Mask

4) Ice packs. Placing them across the forehead and behind the neck provides a bit of a shock to the system and provides a bit of relief. I love this brand, Be Kool. They have an adhesive back, so they stick to your forehead. It eliminates some of the hassle of a damp washcloth or a hard cold pack and I find it works just as well.

5) And lastly, caffeine. In any form you see fit- soda, coffee, chocolate. Be careful with this one because I’ve had my fair share of caffeine withdrawal headaches and sometimes they’re just as bad as migraines.

 Care for migraines is pretty standard but I hope some of these tips help. If you have any remedies you find useful, please let me know. I’d be very interested.

An Early Pledge

9 Dec

While I am mostly at peace, of course there are somethings I want to change. I haven’t written body issue posts because quite frankly,until now it was an open wound and I wasn’t ready to share. But now I’m ready and willing. Weight has always been an issue. It only really became a problem during high school, of course during an already rough patch. It also seemed to coincide with a serious period of migraines. I would get a headache in the late afternoon during class and it would quickly turn into a migraine. This happened pretty much every day during high school. It wasn’t pretty. I would come home and crash. Finally around 8p.m. it would ease up and I would do homework. There wasn’t really any time or energy left for extra activities, like sports or artsy stuff. I became a bit lazy and I’m only recently getting out of the funk.

 And as anyone with body issues can tell you- outside opinions do not help (unless asked, of course). I’ve had plenty of healthy conversations and discussions that have empowered and “showed me the light”, and I’ve had ones the exact opposite. For example:  My professor decided the last conversation we were going to have should center on my weight and the impact it has on my personality. She believes that if I were skinnier I would be more outspoken and be better served in the real world. She also felt a need to point out that “image counts” and that I wasn’t putting my best self forward. This was incredibly hurtful. The fact that she feels this way and especially that she has felt this way for 4 years and was laying it all on me the last time I would see her. In retrospect, I’m sure it came from a good place but still brought up a lot of past bullying issues.

This year has sort of become my “lost year”- all sorts of things are up in the air. And I’ve realized a major aspect that keeps coming up is body issues. So, no more. I’m certainly not going all fitness crazy- it’s not my style. I mean, c’mon-my family motto is “I’ll just lie down until the feeling goes away.” :)  However, instead of making an empty promise on January 1st I’m making a wholehearted one on December 9th. The migraines are still a significant part of my life and I’m still trying to figure them out… those buggers are tricky.  All in all I’m just going to do my best, and that’s all any of us can do.

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