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1 Sep

I made it! I’ve hit the 3 week mark and I’m finally starting to feel at ease. During my latest transition, I’ve had a bit of trouble. For some reason I’ve been hit with homesickness mighty hard and just couldn’t shake it. Some days I would be feelin’ good, making progress and then, bam! Not feelin’ so great.

Honestly, I’m kinda embarrassed by this. I pride myself on being able to move about, adjust as necessary and blend. So, while I’m moping about, wanting to go home, I’m also super mad at myself for feeling that way. Crazy, right? Yup. Definitely.

But this week, I’ve think I’ve turned a corner. No surprise that when I finally eased up on myself, the homesickness eased up as well. And I’m finally on my way :)

And this quote has helped immensely: 

Happy Sunday!


9 Aug

Hi all!

It’s been a crazy whirl wind lately. I just got back from a trip to Quebec and Montreal. We went for a wedding, but it was really great to be able to check out new cities and get a feel for the area. Both of which are great. They have nice restaurants and cool shopping, but we found we just liked hanging out and seeing where we ended up, which served us well. We had so much fun. So, I thought I’d share some pictures. 

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I also head out for Indiana this week. So nervous and excited. I can’t really tell which side is winning. lol. But it’ll be a new adventure!

Happy Thursday!

Favorite Tunes

16 Feb

Music has really been everywhere this week. The death of Whitney Houston, the Grammy’s, I made several mixes for my Mom, and I love Adele, but if the music stations play Rolling in the Deep one more time…I’m gonna scream. But it did get me thinking about my relationship with music. It’s weird. Because I grew up in the Bahamas, I was separated from a lot of Pop Culture things. It had to be absolutely HUGE in order to reach the island. So the only bands I had knowledge of were The Beatles and Spice Girls. That’s it. Needless to say coming to Fl when I was twelve was daunting and I looked like an idiot more than once a lot. But I like to think that I have developed a taste ( in large part because of Nicole), if not, I know what I like when I hear it. Today my iTunes library proudly boasts a grand total of 2, 744 songs and I thought I would share some of my favorite artists.

Florence + The Machine: Love her! Her new CD is amazing, I could listen to it all the time (and do!)

Maroon 5: Moves like Jagger is seriously catchy…

The Band Perry: Country-lite. Great sound without all the twang.

Adele: She won 6 Grammy’s for a reason. Pure genius.

Ingrid Michaelson: She’s quirky and fun. It comes through in her music.

It’s pretty neat to see how tastes develop and mature, and there is something oddly personal about music choice. I’ve always been a bit timid about my music choice. Mostly because I didn’t feel like I knew what I was talking about, and I guess also who wants to be told their taste is bad? (Trust me, it happens). But I guess it’s just like anything else, we all get settled as we get older and learn what we like and want. Everybody has their own taste and there is so much to choose from. Who is your favorite artist? Do you have a genre or are you a little bit of everything?

{All pics courtesy of Google.com}