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Ass Backwards

8 Dec

As you can tell from my Pick Me! page, I made a note that I have an amazing ability to do things the hard way. It’s completely unintentional but for the most part it works out in the end. I can spend what feels like an eternity worrying about something and it turns out just fine. I think worrywart is in my genes.

“It will all be OK in the end. If it’s not OK, it’s not the end.”- Unknown

This basic principle has made me an optimist. It’s a gentle reminder that it’s OK to have moments of panic, worry and nerves, but that those moments will pass and allow you to move on. More power to ya’ if you are one of those cool as a cucumber type folks but I haven’t met many in my life. I’m only human and emotions are a package deal.

But like I said, I tend to fall in to things, both literally (way accident prone) and figuratively. My love of travel kinda happened on accident, how I became a “cat person”- we have rehabilitated about 5 ferals, and my love of literature came as a surprise because I was a troubled reader as a kid.  But I think we’re thrown surprises because it keeps life interesting. And even if I somehow take the long way, go about it ass backwards or jump in out of my depth, I know it’ll settle itself out.

To hell with instructions!

I got this.

{All photos courtesy Weheartit}