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7 Jul

My life lately :)

{First set}

1) My lovely new bookmark courtesy of the awesome miss Anna. I was rereading Catching Fire, because I heard they’re starting to cast characters and I wanted to indulge my imagination before it gets mixed in with the movie versions, ya know? Either way, I’m excited :)

2) My sweet girl, Bridget.

3) UP earrings! I love them.

{Second set}

1) My first strawberry! It was a little sour, but I was so surprised it was actually growing.

2) Our awesome cat, Mischief.

3) Sunflowers are the best.

Happy Friday!


Travel Sample

11 Jan

Here’s a bit of midweek inspiration from around the world, as seen from Pinterest. How beautiful!


Haarlem, Netherlands

Burg Cochem, Germany

Ibiza, Spain

Kiruna, Sweden


If you’d like to see more, check out my travel pinterest board.

Hopefully someday my imagination will become a reality.

Until then Happy Travels!

Even if it’s only in our hearts and minds :)

Claiming My Happy #1-10

17 Aug

This week has been a bit of a downer. Emotions running a bit too high and undue anxiety running amok, and I’m totally over it. So, I’m changing it. I saw this listing on one of my favorite blogs (Sofia’s Journal) and decided to give it a go. This week I will be posting 50 things that I’m grateful for and bring me happiness. Please join in if you feel so inclined. It’s a good exercise in “happy” :)

1) silliness!

2) Optimism

3) Corgis

4) Road trips

5) Being fancy

6) The Simpsons

7) Ice Cream…yumm!

8) Realizing its OK  (dare I say, sexy?) to be pale

9) My Kindle

10) A Sexy Suit

All photos courtesy of weheartit.com