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Whatcha’ Reading? Pt. II

11 Feb

Sorry for the disappearing act, as of late a lot of things have been happening. All for the better, thankfully! I was admitted into Indiana University for Grad school, applied for a library job (*fingers crossed*), and finally feel like I’m on the right track. It took a while, but things are finally building momentum.

But, with all this good news, I really have neglected reading. It’s bound to happen, right? Something always has to give. I was in the middle of Claire Keegan’s Walk the Blue Fields, but it just couldn’t keep me. I was initially interested after I saw a quick mention from NPR, and quite frankly I had to look everywhere for it that I eventually ordered it from online. I’m about half way through right now. It’s a collection of relatively modern Irish series that are more or less sad. Maybe that’s why I’m having trouble getting into it, or maybe the dialogue… (it’s very heavy irish dialect). I really wanted to love it, and I think I will finish it. That’s the beauty of short stories, you really can abandon it and come back as you please. But I’m just not as enamored as I thought I would be.

Speaking of surprises, I did finally give into a series I was avoiding. The Hunger Games.

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I couldn’t imagine how a series about children fighting for mass entertainment could be interesting. ( And even now as I type it, it still sounds nuts). But I read it on sooo many Lit recommendations, and boy was I wrong. The author, Suzanne Collins  was able to make this a phenomena, and for good reason. You pull for the good characters, hate the evil ones and challenge what you think you know. (I love a good surprise!) I completed this trilogy in three days. I wanted to drag it out a bit, but honestly couldn’t wait to see what happened next. I won’t share any spoilers here, because I really want you to read and enjoy this series for yourself.

 It’s time to fall for a new read. Any thoughts?

Whatcha’ Reading?

23 Dec

As a lit student, I’m always super nosy about what people are reading. I love those “top 10 summer reads” lists or  glancing to see the cover of the book the person next to me at the dr.’s office or airport. I am always on the hunt for the next great book. And for that matter, I think asking someone their favorite book is very revealing.

I used to say my favorite book has always been “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. It’s actually the first book I remember being completely engulfed in, not being able to put it down. That being said, I’m a bit embarrassed that I haven’t read it in years. Can I still call it my favorite if I can’t remember all of it? Like I said, kinda embarrassing.But that is being rectified. I bought a pretty, new copy on sale from Barnes & Noble and I’m savoring it all over again.

There are several other books I’m excited to start on as well. And I’d like to thank goodreads for its help. This website is kinda like Netflix in that it will give you suggestions based on ratings you have given books you read. The virtual bookshelf helps you see what genres you tend to pick up most often and so far the suggestions have been pretty spot on. To keep you guys in the loop, I’ve included a widget on the sidebar to let you know what I’m enjoying at the moment. As a book nerd, I’m pretty excited. It’s like having your own personal book club: you can organize your bookshelf, get suggestions and even leave reviews. Time to get reading :)

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