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Travel Sample

11 Jan

Here’s a bit of midweek inspiration from around the world, as seen from Pinterest. How beautiful!


Haarlem, Netherlands

Burg Cochem, Germany

Ibiza, Spain

Kiruna, Sweden


If you’d like to see more, check out my travel pinterest board.

Hopefully someday my imagination will become a reality.

Until then Happy Travels!

Even if it’s only in our hearts and minds :)


28 Oct

My wanderlust is acting up again, and of course I brought it on myself. I googled travel. It’s kinda like baking a dozen cookies and then pretending you’re not going to eat any. An hour later, you’ve eaten six. ¬†Well, these are my cookies.








N. Ireland






Hopefully, I’ll have some real travel stories to tell soon. But until then, dream with me :)




All photos courtesy of All Things Europe