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Recent Favorites

19 Oct

Hey Guys,

I’ve been wanting to post for a while now, but inspiration has been majorly lacking. So, I thought I’d just catch you up on what’s going on. Classes have been going full steam ahead lately and I’m definitely going into “power through”/ “tunnel vision” mode to get through the semester. In a way, it’s kinda nice to have something to focus on and challenge myself again. I got too complacent during my unemployment phase, and now I’m really beginning to thrive in an academic environment again. But, that’s not to say academia doesn’t come with it’s challenges, and that brings me to my new best friend: coffee.

  • I’ve always been a bit of a coffee sissy. I’m the type that loved the smell, but could never really stomach it. I would always reach for the “frou frou” drinks as my dad calls them, kind of coffee drinks but mostly milk and cream. I finally found a blend that works for me, the Blonde roast. I still need it with milk and splenda, but it does the trick to keep me awake and ready for my early class.

  • Pretty Little Liars: Ok, bear with me on this one. I am slightly embarrassed that I like this show so much. But, you’re just gonna have to trust me on this one. It’s a mix between a soap opera and murder mystery, and it’s well acted with great writing (and for the most part that’s hard to come by in TV lately). It definitely fits the “guilty pleasure” category, but it’s fun and keeps you guessing.

  • Ed Sheeran: I stumbled onto his music by accident this week. A song of his caught my attention on the radio and I was instantly hooked. I would categorize it for the most part as a alternative, but he has a wonderful smooth voice that I could listen to all day.

Happy Friday! Hope you have a great weekend :)


Lovely Things

31 Jan

Here are just a few things I’m getting excited about this week.

1) Devoo Skin care from etsy.com

I’ve been in a constant battle with my skin lately, it’s acne run amok over here. But I stumbled on this through Etsy and wanted to give it a try. It had so many positive reviews and it’s just one more program, right? It should come soon and I’ll come back and let you know how the progress is going. *Fingers crossed* :)

2) Downton Abbey.

I’m a bit late to the game on this one. Even with my love of victorian England, I couldn’t imagine how this show could be interesting. But man, was I wrong. I think it was the PBS stigma. After sitting through a lot of boring documentaries that were dry as dirt -I just wasn’t willing to commit. But I was impressed. The cast is great, the costume and set design is gorgeous, and who doesn’t love a little scandal? The show is intellectually stimulating because it’s more or less, clean. You’d think it would make it boring but it actually works in its favor. And, I just heard Shirley MacLaine is joining the cast for next season. 

3)Umba Box

I was slightly obsessed with this product this week. Its a monthly box of handmade goods delivered to you. The company selects the content at an appropriate price that correlates to the monthly subscription price ($26). In my current financial state, that’s a bit pricey for me but hopefully someday. They just had a Pinterest contest for a free three month subscription. I didn’t win, but it was a great way to see what other pinners thought would be a fun choice.

4) Pinterest. Oh man. Sooo addicting.

5) Cleaning/ organizing. This week we’ve been taking a serious chunk out of our spring cleaning needs. It’s so refreshing and cathartic to tidy up and throw things away. And soothes my organizing OCD ways :)