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Wedding Weekend!

5 May

I’ve had a wonderful time the past two weeks. I was able to visit a lot of family and check in with a whole bunch of my college friends. It was so great and really hard to say goodbye to everyone.

I was fortunate enough to be included in the bridal party for the wedding weekend, granted there were 16 bridesmaids! (I know, I can practically feel a whole bunch of eyebrows raised.) But hear me out, it really worked. We were an extremely close knit group while in school and the bride did not want to have to choose. We all wore any black dress we wanted and choose to wear dark purple heels to tie in with her wedding colors.

The only bad part was I came down with bronchitis while away. I felt like hell, but still had a fantastic time and that says a lot :)


The “white white girl”

23 Sep

I got the nickname “white white girl” in my first week in the Bahamas. I had just started second grade in a new tropical paradise completely unlike my previous home, Philadelphia. The first friend I made was also new to the school and her dad was also my doctor. On my first appointment with him he said, “oh yeah! My daughter mentioned you;  you must be the ‘white, white girl.” And the name stuck.

I have a strong Irish heritage. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized has given me several things; a proud history, appreciation for a good beer, and remarkably pale skin. Honestly, being pale hasn’t bothered me. I’ve even been known to endorse it, like this:

But this week was particularly hard. My acne has been acting up lately, and I’m super tired of it. I have  another wedding weekend, I was hoping I could do a better job of covering it up. It took about 3 hours, 2 department stores and 5 different brands later but I finally found a good match and just had to share. It’s good ‘ole Estee Lauder in Bone. For those fellow acne sufferers, i highly reccomend checkin’ it out.  ‘Cause I am one happy, foundation covered camper!


26 Jun

This is a short snapshot of what’s going on right now:

4 Weddings (in 1 year!)

3 pregnant friends

3 friends in relatively serious relationships

And a partridge in a pear tree

Everyone tells you that college is a time for change, but post college life is just one big ‘ol pile of change. And according to friends of mine, this is one way it starts. A LOT of weddings and babies.


I am really excited for my friends, honestly and truly. This is a big step and they’re all more than ready. However, I am not. I have so much on my plate, that adding something else might send all of my delicately spinning plates out of control. This is not say I’m not looking or toying with the idea. It’s just not my first priority. But it does throw your life into rather harsh perspective when it seems like everyone is pairing up. It especially doesn’t help when a co-worker gets wind of my many weddings and actually asks, “does that make you sad?”

No, actually it doesn’t. But thanks so much for bringing it up. These weddings and babies are a great way to reconnect with friends and family and celebrate happiness and love. Which is not something that we get to see all the time. Who cares what happens next, we have no way of knowing. So all that’s left is raise a glass, sit back and be happy.