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Weekly Photo Challenge- Round

6 May
A lovely midday break

photo courtesy of graphic designer Nicole Quick with her creative genius and fancy schmancy camera tools


Weekly Photo Challenge- One

22 Apr

Birthday Pizza

I realize this photo is a bit on the nose. A “one” right in the picture, but it seemed fitting if you know the backstory. I was visiting a friend who was having a bit of a rough time, stressed and constantly busy. Both of us are twenty-something’s trying to get our sea-legs in the real world. So, finding time to relax is few and far between. My visit coincided with her birthday,and unfortunately her celebration was getting pushed into the background of all her surrounding stressors. We decided pizza for dinner was the best bet because she had gotten a cool pizza oven-thing for a present.  While she was getting the pizza, I snuck off to find some candles or at least something to celebrate.  I couldn’t find regular candles anywhere. I asked two clerks and wandered up and down the isles. There had to be something! Then I found the “1”.  In a way it was pointless, but at the same time it meant everything. Everyone should feel special on their birthday.